The takeaway

We’re working together to create value—for our shareholders, our customers, our communities, and ourselves.

The company’s and your own performance drive decisions about incentives, like your bonus opportunity and equity grants.

We’re also focused on building productive and healthy relationships between you and your manager and within our teams.

Open communication, accomplishing what we set out to do, and getting recognized and rewarded. That sounds like a job well done.

Setting goals and measuring performance starts with the VMTs

To achieve Okta’s vision as we grow and build the company, we want to make sure our strategy is transparent and accessible to everyone at Okta. We do this through the “VMTs,” which stands for Vision, Methods and Targets. You can learn more through the Okta VMTs Wiki.

The VMTs serve as Okta’s framework for clearly stating our company strategy and cascading it up, down, and across the company. All of our operations align with the company’s overarching VMTs, and your “personal VMTs” and performance should as well.

Through the Okta Alignment Reviews (OARs) process, we talk about performance and provide feedback on an ongoing basis

The Okta Alignment Reviews (OARs) process creates a quarterly opportunity for employees and their managers to have a two-way conversation—that includes actionable feedback—to support success in achieving personal VMTs.

In fact, OARs keeps the conversation going:

  • You’ll talk with your manager at least once a quarter about setting meaningful goals that further Okta’s mission and your personal path.
  • You’ll provide “Start, Stop, and Continue” feedback to your manager, and you’ll receive “Start, Stop, and Continue” feedback from your manager as well.