The takeaway

Dynamic Work is Okta’s approach to flexible work that empowers employees to be their most successful and productive selves.

Working dynamically

Dynamic Work is Okta’s approach to flexible work. We give our global employees flexibility and choice around when, where, and how they work.

Dynamic Work profiles define the degree of flexibility and mobility for each employee. Okta has employees across 23 countries, with 45% being fully dynamic – meaning they are able to work from any location in the country where they were hired. In addition, some employees have job responsibilities requiring them to be in-office, while others are hired in a territory or time zone defined by their role, and have choice around their in-office presence.

Employees’ work schedules are flexible and based on their work preferences and role, who they need to collaborate with, and how they balance those commitments with their personal life.

Office spaces are available for when employees need or want to use them for individual, team, or company work or activities.

Work from home support with Dynamic Work

Okta offers a work from home (WFH) store to provide new employees with the equipment they need to create a productive WFH space.