The takeaway

Okta’s for Good’s mission is to strengthen the connections between people, technology, and the community. We do this by mobilizing our people, our product, and our financial resources in service to our global communities.

Making a difference in your community

We encourage you to donate your time and expertise to critical causes in your local community through these programs:

3 Good Days

New hire volunteering and giving program

Global Tech Week

Making a difference with technology

Okta believes that mission-driven organizations can change our communities and our world. We help them do so in several ways:

Product licenses for nonprofits

Apps for Good


Okta for Good Fund

The Okta for Good Fund enables Okta’s strategic charitable giving. The fund supports three major program areas: technology innovation in the social sector, employee giving, and support for local organizations in Okta’s global communities.

Following are our signature partnerships:


Fast Forward


Tipping Point Community