The takeaway

Bump Boxes help Okta to celebrate and support expecting families during pregnancy, after your baby comes into the world, and as you return to work after bonding time with your new baby.

Bump Box highlights

  • When you register for Bump Boxes, you’ll receive three boxes with fun (and useful) swag that promotes a healthy pregnancy and things you can use when your baby arrives.
  • Okta dads: You can sign up too! Your spouse/partner will receive a pregnancy Bump Box, and, you’ll get a box when your baby arrives and on your return from parental leave.
  • You can register at any time during pregnancy.

Expecting parents:

Be sure to sign up for Bump Boxes. You’ll receive three boxes—each containing five hand-picked products you may not know you needed. It’s just another way Okta cares for you!

Get your Bump Boxes