The takeaway

Save money, gas, mileage, and wear and tear on you and your car through Okta’s commuter benefits program. The program is administered by Navia through the GoNavia commuter program.

How commuter benefits work

  • You set aside pretax money for taking public transit, including train, subway, bus, ferry, and vanpool, to work. You can also set aside pretax money for parking at or near work.
  • Once you sign up, Okta deducts your contributions from your paycheck on a pretax basis.
  • The IRS allows you to set aside up to $280 per month pretax for public transportation and parking expenses. If you decide to contribute more, it’s on an after-tax basis.
  • You can pay with a program debit card at the time you receive service, for example when buying your monthly “Clipper” card in San Francisco. Some parking garages also accept the program debit card—check directly with your garage to confirm. 
  • Okta will also reimburse you $20 dollars during each month that you cycle to work. You can sign up for the bike benefit with Navia. The bike reimbursement is taxable.

Qualified expenses

Qualified commuting expenses include costs for:

  • Public transportation, such as bus, light rail, regional rail, streetcar, trolley, subway, ferry, and commercial vanpool.
  • Parking at or near work.
  • Parking at or near public transportation for your commute.

How to enroll and use your funds

  • Register through the Navia app on your Okta Dashboard or online using company code OKT.
  • Select the “GoNavia Commuter Benefits” link and follow the prompts to place your order for the coming month.
  • Once you enroll, your transit order will be loaded onto your Navia Benefits debit card before the first of the order month. The deadline for completing your transit order is the 20th of each month.
  • Future orders will be loaded onto the same debit card.
  • Unused funds may be used in subsequent months.
  • If you leave Okta, you’ll forfeit any unused funds in your Navia commuter or parking account.