The takeaway

Okta’s Employee Experience Marketplace is live in Espresa. This is your one-stop-shop for classes, social events, parenting resources, global benefits and more!

Using the program

Here’s how to access the Employee Experience Marketplace: 

  • Select the Espresa app on your Okta Dashboard.
  • You’ll be prompted to choose your “campus" (the region in which you’re located).
  • Select the “Explore Categories” link, located in the center of the page or in the top left-hand corner.
  • Register for the services and events you’re interested in.
  • The Marketplace is constantly evolving so be sure to keep checking back for added programs and services!

There’s more

When you enroll in an Okta medical plan, our plan carriers (Blue Shield and Kaiser) offer discounts on gym memberships and other health care services. You can also find special deals with businesses.

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