The takeaway

Okta provides you with free access to a network of qualified attorneys. Through Rocket Lawyer, you can get help with a variety of legal needs, including estate planning, financial matters, real estate, defense of civil lawsuits, family law, traffic offenses, document preparation and review, immigration assistance, and more.

Coverage highlights

  • Legal documents library—access Rocket Lawyer’s online legal documents library, with over 1,000 document templates, to “DIY” or get started on important documents, including power of attorney, leases, bills of sale, wills and trusts, and child care authorization forms.
  • Document reviews—Rocket Lawyer provides up to two document reviews per month, up to 10 pages each.
  • Ask a lawyer questions—submit legal questions on Rocket Lawyer’s legal platform and receive answers back from an attorney in about a day.
  • Attorney phone consultations—receive free 30-minute phone consultations with a Rocket Lawyer attorney on each new legal matter.
  • Attorney discounts—get a 40% discount off the attorney’s hourly billing rate, after the 30-minute free consult.

How to enroll

You can sign up anytime.