The takeaway

Okta’s pretax spending accounts save you money on qualified medical and dependent care expenses such as doctor visits, prescriptions, dental care, vision care, and child care. You set aside money from your paycheck and your contributions go into your account pretax. This reduces your taxable income and allows you to pay for these expenses with tax-free dollars.

Navia manages Okta’s pretax spending accounts.

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Spending accounts for your healthcare and child care needs

Healthcare flexible spending account (FSA)

Limited purpose healthcare flexible spending account (FSA)

Dependent care flexible spending account (FSA)

How to access your benefits

You’ll access and manage your pretax spending account(s) through the Navia app on your Okta Dashboard, via the phone app, or visit Navia’s Website and use company code OKT to complete your account registration.

Pay with a debit card

Swipe your debit card at your provider’s office or your licensed dependent care location, and the funds will be deducted directly from your account.

Submit claims online

Just upload your claim, enter some info, and a reimbursement check will be on its way to you within a few days. Navia can also reimburse you through direct deposits to your bank account, so be sure to set that up online.

Use the Navia mobile app to manage your account

MyNavia allows you to simply snap a photo and submit for reimbursement from your phone.

Use it or lose it applies

Be sure to use the money you set aside for the FSA(s).

With the healthcare FSAs, you have until March 31 to submit eligible expenses for reimbursement, and you can roll over up to $570 of unused healthcare FSA funds into the next plan year. However, any remaining amount in excess of $570 will be forfeited.

You cannot carry over unused dependent care FSA funds—you must incur your eligible expenses by December 31 each year, and you have a 2 ½ month grace period to submit for reimbursement before forfeiting any remaining balance

When you incur or submit expenses to Navia, they’ll save the details for you. But it’s always a good idea to save your receipts and verify the accuracy of payments, too.