The takeaway

Okta sponsors Northstar, a financial wellness platform, as an employee benefit at no cost to you through January 31, 2023. Full-time, benefits-eligible employees can work with a dedicated Northstar Advisor (Certified Financial Planner®) on your financial and life goals. Northstar takes a personal approach to your finances - you share your goals, and they'll build a custom plan to get you there. In addition to helping with budgeting, saving, debt management, and investing, Northstar understands Okta's full compensation and benefits package and can recommend how to best utilize pre-tax benefits, salary, healthcare, equity, and perks to achieve your goals.


  • One-on-one financial advisors. Get financial guidance and counseling from your own Northstar Certified Financial Planner™ via chat or video call.
  • Decision making tools. Northstar gives you tools for budgeting, savings, debt payoff, retirement, loan payments, and more.
  • Custom financial plan. Northstar provides actionable, step-by-step guidance that balances competing priorities. No complicated lingo.
  • Benefits and equity advice. Make the most of your benefits during onboarding, open enrollment, and other life events. Understand how to effectively use your equity, 401k, and HSA/FSA.
  • Everyday support. Whether you need advice about student loans, starting a family, tax questions, or more, we're here for you.
  • No hidden costs. Northstar is provided to you 100% free of charge. Northstar doesn't sell any products, doesn't manage any assets, and doesn't charge any commissions or fees or make money from referrals.

How to sign up

  1. Go to to register.
  2. Enter your Okta email address to activate your account.
  3. Answer a few preliminary profile questions.
  4. Get matched with your advisor and start working with them right away.

What happens after the Northstar/Okta partnership ends on January 2023?

Northstar offers personal monthly subscriptions at a cost of $79/month that will grant you the same level of access. If you would like to continue using Northstar, please email for details.


Northstar FAQ.

Reach out to at any time for help getting started or with your account.