The takeaway

We all need support to navigate the complexity of our healthcare system. That’s why Okta offers an important resource for your health—Rightway Healthcare. Working with a personal concierge, or Navigator, can save you time and money with both your everyday and your more complex health needs.

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Our FSA provider is changing from Navia to Forma, effective January 1, 2023. For more details on this transition, see the HSA, FSA, & Commuter Benefits Transition page.

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With Rightway, you get your own healthcare Navigator

Rightway’s service is designed to support you and your family as you navigate through your healthcare needs—with selecting a medical provider, understanding your bills, and even getting assistance with making a medical appointment. View the Quick-start Guide to Rightway.

Here’s how it works:

Sign up!

Register using the Rightway app or through Rightway’s website.

Meet your personal Navigator

Your Navigator will serve as your single point of contact for all your health-related questions.

Get help with choosing your medical plan

You have many options—the type of plan (HDHP + HSA, PPO, EPO, HMO), the carrier (Blue Shield or Kaiser), and whom to cover (yourself only or adding in your family members).

You can talk about what you need with your personal Navigator and he/she can help you make the best choice.

Help with finding a doctor—and with everyday health needs

You can connect with your personal Navigator to find a Blue Shield or Kaiser doctor, make appointments, and transfer records.

In a pinch, your Navigator can also help you find the nearest urgent care office and help with follow-up care after a visit to the emergency room.

Wellness resources

If you face a chronic health condition, like diabetes, or you’re looking to lose weight or quit smoking, your personal Navigator can help you with that, too.

When things get complicated

Your personal Navigator can help you understand a diagnosis, find specialists, make appointments, and support your follow-up care.

Support for your emotional health

Your personal Navigator can help you find mental and behavioral health resources—counselors, therapists, community support—to manage stress and anxiety. They’ll work with you to schedule virtual visits with providers and can support you with tough decisions during challenging times.

Help with the paperwork

Your personal Navigator can decipher all the paperwork after you receive care and coordinate follow-up contact with providers’ billing offices when needed.

Billing review

Rightway can help put money back in your pocket by reviewing your medical bills and making sure that you pay only what you owe.