With so much great work happening across the organization every day, it’s critical that we all take time to recognize it. After all, what gets recognized, gets repeated. 

Whether it’s celebrating a big achievement or milestones along the way, our Oktappreciate program makes it easy for you to recognize others and be recognized. 

To foster a culture of recognition, we encourage all employees to give recognition regularly, and we empower employees at every level to give an extra boost to certain recognitions with optional points that can be used in an online store for gifts.

Within Oktappreciate, you’ll also get recognized on every Oktaversary (service anniversary) with a gift of points to spend on whatever you’d like. You’ll get a shout out on your birthday too. 

There are many ways to recognize your fellow Oktanauts, and Oktappreciate makes it easy and fun. Who will you recognize next?