The takeaway

Okta’s bonus can add to your cash compensation each year. It’s designed to reward you for your hard work and contributions, while tying to Okta’s performance, as well.

How the cash incentive bonus program works

Okta sets your bonus target as a percentage of your base pay, based on your job level.

The company’s performance against pre-established objectives determines whether Okta will pay bonuses each year—there is no guarantee. Company performance objectives may include achievement of annual revenue targets, net annual recurring revenue, bookings, and EBITDA.

If awarded, Okta pays bonuses at the end of March for U.S. employees and at the end of April for non-U.S. employees.

A prorated bonus, based on hire date, is offered to new hires.

Not sure of your job level or your bonus target? Ask your manager or People Business Partner. Also, you can view your job level through your Workday profile.

Who’s eligible

Most employees are eligible for the cash incentive bonus program. There are a few exceptions—see below.

To qualify for an annual cash incentive bonus, you must be employed with Okta on November 30, and at the time of payment. 

For example, to be eligible for a bonus payment in 2022, you must have been employed on November 30, 2021, and on the actual payment date in 2022.

Also, you must not have engaged in conduct inconsistent with Okta’s ethical or other performance standards.

Employees who participate in a commission-based incentive plan, management by objectives incentive plan (MBO), or executive bonus plan are not eligible. If you’re in one of these plans, your hiring manager or your Okta recruiting contact can provide the details about your incentive compensation opportunity.