The takeaway

Part of our People First commitment is to create a great culture where all employees can thrive as we realize our company’s vision. One way we are doing this is by offering ways to ensure our employees’ wellbeing.

Note: Some links on this page go to Okta Box documents which are for Okta employees and can only be accessed with an Okta account.

2022 Wellbeing Weeks

Following KJ’s announcement during the June 23 Company All Hands, we are excited to share that Okta employees will receive two paid weeks dedicated to wellbeing:

  • November 21 - 25
  • December 26 - January 2

This is one way we'd like to recognize all of your hard work. A collective disconnect like this is a great way for everyone to step away together to refresh, recharge, and take care of yourselves. It is also well documented how taking time off to disconnect lowers stress, increases happiness, and leads to greater successes at work and in your personal life.

Note: The above dates are inclusive of all global and local paid holidays that fall within these periods. These weeks will be recorded on your behalf as paid time off, similar to company-paid holidays. You are not required to use PTO / annual leave / holiday time. For questions and directions on how to request an alternate week, only if you are required to work during the Company-wide Wellbeing Week(s), please check out the FAQ.

We hope these Wellbeing Weeks will provide you the time to refresh, recharge, and come back feeling energized to tackle what’s ahead of us. Thank you all for your contributions – we truly appreciate everyone pulling together as a team!