The takeaway

Unable to work due to illness or injury? You may be eligible to take medical leave. For more information, view Okta’s Medical Pay Policy.

Note: Some links on this page go to Okta Box documents which are for Okta employees and can only be accessed with an Okta account.

How it works

Your income will be partially replaced through disability insurance if you’re unable to work due to a qualifying non-work-related illness or injury. Short-term disability pays you a benefit for 13 weeks. If your illness or injury extends beyond 13 weeks, you may qualify for long-term disability (LTD).

Okta's LTD vendor is the Lincoln Financial Group. The maximum benefit period depends on your age when LTD goes into effect. For more information, view the Lincoln Benefits Summary and see the table in the Lincoln Financial LTD Benefit Summary.

How to request medical leave

Okta has partnered with The Larkin Company to provide expert guidance and support for employees going on a leave of absence. If you need to take medical leave for a qualifying non-work-related illness or injury, contact The Larkin Company. Okta’s dedicated leave administrator will walk you through the process.

You must submit a request for medical leave at least 30 days in advance, along with any required documentation. For unexpected leaves, you, or someone who represents you, must notify Okta as soon as possible, generally within one or two business days.

To apply for a medical leave, contact The Larkin Company:

Benefits continuation

Healthcare insurance: You’ll maintain the same healthcare insurance coverage while on medical leave. If payment is being received by Okta, your benefit premiums will be withheld from your paycheck. If at any point during your leave you’re unpaid by Okta, you must pay your contributions before the start unpaid leave. If benefits are not paid during your leave, Okta can cancel your coverage. 

Equity awards: All equity awards continue to vest during an approved leave of absence.

Extended leave: For continuous unpaid leave longer than three months, refer to page 19 of the Employee Handbook, Benefits Continuation During Leaves of Absence.

Okta access

Your access will be suspended after 35 days of inactivity. To reinstate your account, contact ITSON for assistance.

If you’re a manager and need to delegate your access:

  • Concur: Email Business System Support at team to be set up the temporary delegation.
  • Workday: Email team to set up temporary delegation to approve transactions and timecards.
  • Coupa: Review the Coupa delegation instructions.


Return to work

When you return to work after leave, Okta will reinstate you to the same or comparable position (in accordance with applicable law). 

Employees who take concurrent protected leave have no greater right to reinstatement or to other benefits and conditions of employment than those who had been continuously employed during the leave period. If your position is eliminated as part of a workforce reduction, your employment may be terminated on the scheduled workforce reduction date even if all available protected leave time has not been exhausted.