The takeaway

If you need to take time away from Okta for personal reasons and have no other paid leave available, you can request an unpaid personal leave of absence leave for up to three months.

You’ll need to pay the full premiums for your benefits while on personal leave of absence.

Also, Okta cannot guarantee your current or a similar job will be available when you return from leave.

Note: Some links on this page go to Okta Box documents which are for Okta employees and can only be accessed with an Okta account.


To be eligible for an unpaid leave of absence:

  • You must have worked at Okta for more than twelve months.
  • You must be in good standing with the company.
  • The business can accommodate the request (as determined by the company).
  • No other leave of absence options or state, local, or federal leave law is available to you.

How to request leave

You must initiate your request for leave with both your manager and the benefits team, in writing, at least 60 days before the start of your leave.

The written request must include:

  • The date you request for unpaid leave to begin
  • The date you propose to return
  • The reason for the request

Once approved, contact Okta’s dedicated leave administrator to walk you through the process:

Benefits continuation

Insurance coverage: You’ll maintain your health insurance coverage as long as you pay the employee contribution amount before the start of your leave. If your contributions are not paid, Okta can terminate your coverage. 

Equity awards: All equity awards will continue to vest during your leave of absence.

Extended leave: For continuous unpaid leave longer than three months, refer to page 19 of the Employee Handbook, Benefits Continuation During Leaves of Absence.

Keeping your job

Okta does not guarantee that your current, or similar, position will be available when you return from leave. However we can help you with an internal job search in anticipation of your return.  

Your employment will end without severance benefits if:

  • Okta is unable to find a suitable position upon your return.
  • Okta experiences a reduction in workforce and your job is eliminated.
  • You accept a position with another company while on a leave of absence. (Voluntary Termination) 
  • You leave without approval from Okta.

Okta access

Your access will be suspended while on leave. To reinstate your account, contact the People Benefits Team for assistance (

If you’re a manager and need to delegate your access:

  • Concur: Email Business System Support at team to be set up the temporary delegation.
  • Workday: Email team to set up temporary delegation to approve transactions and timecards.
  • Coupa: Review the Coupa delegation instructions.