Okta’s total rewards connect eligible employees and their family members to a constantly evolving portfolio of plans, services, and support for meeting their changing needs. Check out the links below to learn more and make the most of your total rewards.

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Health + Wellness


Okta provides comprehensive global medical, dental, and vision benefits through Cigna Envoy. 

Your medical coverage includes preventive care, pregnancy benefits, hospital surgery, and outpatient services. In addition, Cigna offers support and benefits for your emotional health and life needs, and provides crisis assistance while you are traveling or working globally.

Okta pays 100% of the premium for employee and family coverage. 

Refer to Cigna’s highlights brochure for an overview of your healthcare coverage, as well as other financial benefits. The plan summary provides details on medical, dental, and vision coverage.


Okta cares about your mental and physical health. Go to the Okta Fit Wiki, under Workplace Services, to take advantage of the following resources and benefits:

  • MoveCoach – health tracking app
  • Headspace – meditation app
  • Corporate sports league
  • JP Morgan Corporate Challenge – an annual global race
  • Gym and wellness studio partnerships

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Financial Benefits

Life insurance

Okta provides you with life insurance coverage in the event of your death or disability. The plan provides a coverage limit of two times your annual salary, up to a cap.

Personal accident cover

Okta provides you with personal accident coverage in the event of your death or disability through an accident. The plan provides a coverage limit of 36 times your basic monthly salary, up to a cap.

Living care insurance

Okta provides you with insurance coverage in the event you contract a critical illness. The plan provides a coverage limit of 36 times your basic monthly salary, up to a cap.

Business travel accident cover and travel assistance

Okta provides business travel accident cover when you’re traveling for company business. The plan also covers your eligible dependents if they are traveling with you.

In the event of accidental death, the plan pays:

  • Up to USD $250,000 for you
  • Up to USD $25,000 for your spouse/domestic partner
  • Up to USD $10,000 per child

In addition, the plan provides help with pre-trip information, medical treatment, emergency travel arrangements, legal referrals, emergency medical evacuations, security services, and help during a natural disaster or political upheaval.

Okta provides this cover at no cost to you.

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Pay + Incentives

Base pay

Base pay is just the beginning. Okta sets base pay at or above market on average when compared with our peer organizations and companies in our local communities.

You can find your job level—and your current base pay amount—in Workday. When you get to your Workday profile, look under Compensation > Job Level.

Cash incentive bonus program

How the cash incentive bonus program works

Okta sets your bonus target as a percentage of your base pay, based on your job level.

The company’s performance against pre-established objectives determines whether Okta will pay bonuses each year—there is no guarantee. Company performance objectives may include achievement of annual revenue targets, net annual recurring revenue, bookings, and EBITDA.

If awarded, Okta pays bonuses at the end of March for U.S. employees and at the end of April for non-U.S. employees.

A prorated bonus, based on hire date, is offered to new hires.

Who’s eligible

Most employees are eligible for the cash incentive bonus program. There are a few exceptions—see below.

To qualify for an annual cash incentive bonus, you must be employed with Okta on December 31, and at the time of payment. 

For example, to be eligible for a bonus payment in 2021, you must have been employed on December 31, 2020, and on the actual payment date in 2021.

Also, you must not have engaged in conduct inconsistent with Okta’s ethical or other performance standards.

Employees who participate in a commission-based incentive plan, management by objectives incentive plan (MBO), or executive bonus plan are not eligible. If you’re in one of these plans, your hiring manager or your Okta recruiting contact can provide the details about your incentive compensation opportunity.

Long-term incentives (RSUs)

Eligibility for equity grants

Employees are eligible to receive equity grants as a new hire, then annually.

You will also be eligible for an off-cycle equity grant if promoted to a new level or role with Okta.

Also, you must not have engaged in conduct inconsistent with ethical or other performance standards prior to a grant.

Okta grants equity at the company’s discretion

As a new hire Okta makes employee equity grants each month, on or around the 15th of the month following your date of hire. Depending on your hire date, your grant will begin vesting March 15, June 15, September 15, or December 15.

For promotions, Okta makes employee equity grants each quarter, on or around March 15, June 15, September 15, and December 15 each year.

On an ongoing basis, your annual equity grant is made on or around March 15.

Okta’s equity grants are made in the form of Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)

RSUs are a form of equity compensation issued by Okta.

Okta grants RSUs at no cost to you.

For each grant, Okta sets a grant price based on the monthly average trading price for the month prior to the grant.

We apply the grant price to your individual grant value, which determines the number of RSUs you receive. See the example below.

When you own your RSUs

Your RSUs vest over a four-year period, while you’re employed with Okta.

RSUs have no value until vesting is achieved.

At vesting, the RSUs are “settled” in shares of Okta’s Class A common stock. As a result, if you satisfy the vesting period, you will receive shares, which will always have some value.

For new hires, 25% of a grant’s RSUs vest one year from the vesting commencement date. The remaining 75% vest evenly over the following 12 quarters. For annual or promotion grants, vesting occurs evenly over the following 16 quarters.

Vested RSUs are yours to keep without any conditions.

On the flipside, if you leave Okta before full vesting in a given equity grant, you forfeit your unvested RSUs.

Keeping track through E*TRADE

You can keep track of your grants and the potential value of your RSUs through E*TRADE.

You’ll need to create an E*TRADE account at your first equity grant, and you’ll see your RSUs on E*TRADE by the 7th day of the month following the grant date.

Show me the money...

Here’s an example of how Okta sets the price for an RSU award, grants it to you, and how it vests. In this example, we assume this grant was made for a new hire who started March 15, 2021, and received a $50,000 new hire grant.

Grant value $50,000
The amount was included in her offer letter.
Share price $225.30
This was the monthly trailing average share price between March 1, 2021–March 31, 2021.
Number of RSUs in the grant 222
Calculated using the grant value divided by the share price, and rounded up:
$50,000 (grant value)/$225.30 (share price) = 222
Vesting commencement date June 15, 2021
RSUs begin vesting from this date.
Vesting schedule

June 15, 2022
25% vested (55 RSUs)
September 15, 2022 and
next 11 quarters
6.25% vest per quarter
(13-14 RSUs per quarter)

Key program dates during the year

New hire equity grants

  • Share price calculation: Month of hire
  • Approximate grant date: 15th of month following date of hire
  • Approximate E*TRADE notice of new grant: by 7th of month following grant date
  • Vesting commencement date:
    • December to February new hires: March 15
    • March to May new hires: June 15
    • June to August new hires: September 15
    • September to November new hires: December 15

Annual equity grants

  • Share price calculation: February 1 to 28/29
  • Approximate grant date and vesting commencement: March 15
  • Approximate E*TRADE notice of new grant: April 7

Promotion equity grants

  • Promotion date: December to February
    • Share price calculation: February 1 to 28/29
    • Approximate grant date and vesting commencement: March 15
    • Approximate E*TRADE notice of new grant: April 7
  • Promotion date: March to May
    • Share price calculation: May 1 to 31
    • Approximate grant date and vesting commencement: June 15
    • Approximate E*TRADE notice of new grant: July 7
  • Promotion date: June to August
    • Share price calculation: August 1 to 31
    • Approximate grant date and vesting commencement: September 15
    • Approximate E*TRADE notice of new grant: October 7
  • Promotion date: September to November
    • Share price calculation: November 1 to 30
    • Approximate grant date and vesting commencement: December 15
    • Approximate E*TRADE notice of new grant: January 7

Employee Stock Purchase Plan

You have another opportunity to benefit from the company’s growth and the shareholder value your work helps to create. By choosing to participate in the employee stock purchase plan (ESPP), eligible employees can invest directly in the company—by purchasing shares of Okta stock at a discount.

Buy shares of Okta stock twice a year and get at least a 15% discount on your shares. Eligible employees have two opportunities each year to participate: June and December.

Questions? Go to the Okta Stock Administration Wiki.

The ESPP may be a great investment

Through simple after-tax payroll deductions, you can purchase shares of Okta stock at a minimum 15% discount.

You decide if you’d like to participate, and how much you’d like to contribute—anywhere from 1% to 15% of your eligible pay. Certain limits apply.

Enroll online in May or November

You must enroll for the ESPP while the enrollment period is open. If you miss the window, you’ll need to wait until the next open enrollment period.

Shares are purchased twice a year on June 20 and December 20

The amount you pay for the shares is the lower of two prices—the offering date price or the purchase date price. The 15% discount is applied to the lowest of the two prices.

Once purchased, your Okta shares are yours to keep

When the purchase period ends, shares are purchased for you and are deposited into your E*TRADE account. At that point, you own your Okta shares, and you decide how long to hold them.

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Time Off

Okta offers several benefits that provide you with time away from work: vacation time to rest, relax, and refresh; volunteer time off to give back to communities in which we live and work; and paid holidays, observed globally and locally.

You may also be eligible for additional time off due to medical needs, parental leave, family care, marriage and child care, compassionate care, and bereavement.

Be sure to give your manager advance notice before scheduling time off. You should schedule your time off requests through Workday.


During your first year with Okta, you can take up to 15 vacation days. This amount is prorated based on your hire date.

You will earn an additional vacation day for each year of your service with Okta, up to a maximum of 20 days per year.

Volunteer time off (VTO)

Each fiscal year, you can take three paid days off (or a total of 24 hours) to engage in volunteer events with an eligible nonprofit.

Paid holiday schedule

1 January 2021 New Year’s Day
12 February 2021 Chinese New Year
15 February 2021 Chinese New Year extended
2 April 2021 Good Friday
30 April 2021 Labour Day
(in lieu of Saturday, 1 May)
28 April 2021 Vesak Day
13 May 2021 Hari Raya Puasa
(end of Ramadan)
20 July 2021 Hari Raya Haji
(Feast of Sacrifice)
9 August 2021 National Day
4 November 2021 Deepavali
27 December 2021 Christmas Day
(in lieu of Saturday, 25 December)

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Everyday Living

Employee assistance program (EAP)

Okta cares about your health and happiness. But sometimes, everyone needs a little help with balancing work, family, and everything in between. That’s why we partner with Modern Health to provide an incredible benefit for your holistic well-being.

Modern Health, Okta’s EAP provider, balances on-demand digital tools with virtual coaching (and therapy, if needed). You set up the approach that best meets your needs. Your family members are also covered, all at no cost to you.

How Modern Health can help you and your family

Modern Health provides support for many areas:

  • Work performance—find coaching and support to improve productivity, leadership skills, work relationships, and professional development
  • Financial well-being—for example, when your student loan debt seems to take over, or you need help with saving for an emergency and planning for future financial needs
  • Help with life challenges—like preparing for having a family, adjusting once you’re a parent, getting help with child care and elder care, and dealing with loss
  • Diversity and inclusion—to better understand and overcome bias or find balance between your personal and work identity
  • Stress and anxiety—for when even small things seem really big and scary
  • Healthy lifestyles—to help you move more, eat healthier, and sleep better
  • Mindfulness and meditation—techniques for managing stress, focusing, and meditating
  • Relationships—with your partner, friends, family, and dating

Getting started with Modern Health

Sign up! We recommend using the Modern Health app to get started, or you can register at Modern Health.

Take a confidential well-being assessment and go from there

You’ll complete a well-being survey, and from there Modern Health will deliver your personalised wellness plan, match you with the appropriate personal coach, and provide you with personalised links to the Modern Health digital library.

Connecting on your terms

Modern Health provides you with up to six phone or video sessions with your coach. You also have unlimited access to your coach through text or email.

If your coach or your well-being survey indicates you have a clinical need—for example, you may suffer from depression—Modern Health will recommend a therapist to work with in addition to your dedicated coach.

As you get to the end of your covered sessions, you and your coach or therapist can work with Modern Health to determine the next steps for continuing your relationship.

Modern Health digital resources

Along with your coach, you’ll link to courses and hacks that take no longer than 15 minutes to complete.

You’ll also get hacks for your own needs—for example, to prevent work burnout and handle relationships with your coworkers.

Confidentiality assured

Any information you provide through Modern Health tools or discuss with your coach or therapist is confidential. Your name, records, and other private information will not be shared with Okta.

Carrot Fertility and Adoption Services

Carrot provides a complete, global fertility benefit to Okta families. Carrot provides equal access to fertility care regardless of gender, sexual orientation, fertility diagnosis, or geographic location.

Through Carrot, you’ll have Okta-provided funds to help pay for fertility treatments or other family-forming services (for example, adoption). 

Explore all the resources Carrot has to offer and see frequently asked questions about Carrot’s resources through the Carrot benefit guide.

How Carrot works

When you register with Carrot, you’ll be assigned a dedicated care team of benefits experts and fertility clinicians to support you with high-touch care and guidance throughout the family planning process.

  • You can schedule a personal consultation with the Carrot care team – to learn more about your options and connect with a top provider in your area.
  • You have access to Carrot’s global provider directory – including 2,700 clinics and 1,250 attorneys and agencies in more than 42 countries. Carrot also gives you discounts and expedited appointments at top fertility clinics.
  • Your care team can also answer medical, legal, benefits coverage, and regulatory questions.

Eligible expenses covered through Carrot may include:

  • Basic fertility check-ups
  • Egg, sperm, and embryo freezing and storage fees
  • Intrauterine insemination or in-vitro fertilization
  • Genetic testing of embryos
  • Vasectomy reversals
  • Gestational carrier-related expenses
  • Adoption-related fees

You can sign up for Carrot at get-carrot.com/signup or use the Carrot app on your Okta dashboard.

Also, refer to the following plan documents for details on how Okta manages the program:

Bump Boxes

Bump Boxes help Okta to celebrate and support expecting families during pregnancy, after your baby comes into the world, and as you return to work after bonding time with your new baby.

  • When you register for Bump Boxes, you’ll receive three boxes with fun (and useful) swag that promotes a healthy pregnancy and things you can use when your baby arrives.
  • Non-birthing Parents: You can sign up too! Your spouse/partner will receive the first Bump Box starting the third trimester. The second and third boxes will be sent shortly after the due date that you've provided.
  • You can register at any time during pregnancy.

Mobile phone and internet

Okta reimburses full-time employees for personal cell phone and internet service. A monthly maximum reimbursement amount applies. For more details, see the T&E policy on the Expenses Wiki.

You need to submit your cell phone and internet receipts for approval and reimbursement.

Okta perks

No matter where you sit in the world, our programs help to foster a sense of belonging and to reflect the communities in which we live and work.

Check out the Workplace Services Wiki to see what’s happening in your local space.

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People Benefits Team


Medical, dental, and vision

Cigna Envoy
800-441-2668 (U.S. and Canada)
001-302-797-3100 (Outside of U.S. and Canada)

Crisis Assistance Plus (Cigna)

800-441-2668 (U.S. and Canada); ask to be connected to FocusPoint International

001-302-797-3100 (Outside of U.S. and Canada); ask to be connected to FocusPoint International

Website (username: Cigna@wwfocus.com; password: Cigna1)

Business travel accident cover and travel assistance

Chubb Insurance

Employee assistance program (EAP)

Modern Health




Pay + Incentives

Long-Term Incentives (RSUs) and Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)


The official Plan Documents govern your eligibility for and rights and benefits under each plan. If a discrepancy exists between this website and the Plan Documents, the Plan Documents will prevail.

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