The takeaway

If you decide to leave employment at Okta, we’ll want to know about your experience so we can continually improve and grow.

You’ll also need to consider what happens with your benefits and other total rewards.

Health benefits

Your medical, dental, and vision coverage ends on the last day of the month in which your employment ends.

You’ll have the opportunity to continue your medical coverage through COBRA, and you’ll pay 102% of the full premium cost for it. About 14 days after your health benefits end, you’ll receive a COBRA letter from Vita (Okta’s COBRA administrator).

Health savings account (HSA)

One awesome feature of the HSA is its portability. You keep your account and balance if you leave Okta. You may continue to use your funds to pay for eligible health expenses. However, be sure to note that your Okta company contribution will stop, and you’ll be responsible for any bank fees associated with your HSA.

Life and AD&D insurance

Your Okta coverage ends on your termination date. You may convert your policies to individual policies within 31 days. You pay the premiums for this individual coverage.

Short-term and long-term disability insurance

Your short-term disability insurance and long-term disability insurance end on your termination date.

Auto and home insurance

Contact MetLife at 800-438-6388 to discuss your options for continuing coverage.

Pet insurance

Contact Nationwide at 877-738-7874 to discuss your options for continuing coverage.

Rocket Lawyer

Contact Rocket Lawyer at 877-881-0947 to discuss your options for continuing coverage.

LifeLock identity theft protection

Contact LifeLock at 800-607-9174 to discuss your options for continuing coverage.

Flexible spending accounts

Your flexible spending accounts will end on your termination date and in some cases can be continued through COBRA.  

Eligible services provided prior to your last day of employment will still be eligible for reimbursement.

You need to submit your claims within 90 days of your last day of employment. You can submit the claims to

Your Navia debit card will be deactivated when your employment ends.

Commuter benefits

Your commuter benefits for parking and transit will end on your termination date. You’ll lose access to the current benefits account and any remaining funds.

Your Navia debit card will be deactivated when your employment ends.

401(k) plan

Your 401(k) account and balance are portable. You can decide to keep your money saved and invested in your current Fidelity account. Or, you’ll have the opportunity to roll over your balance to another employer’s plan or to a qualified retirement account (e.g., an IRA). There are no tax consequences for this rollover.

Employee stock purchase plan (ESPP)

The Okta shares you purchase through the ESPP are yours—there is no vesting period, and you may hold or sell them at any time.

You’ll receive a refund of any contributions deducted from your paychecks that were not used to buy shares.

Restricted stock units (RSUs)

Your stock options and/or restricted stock units (RSUs) will stop vesting as of your last day of employment. Any unvested stock options/RSUs will be cancelled.

Any shares of Okta stock already credited to your E*TRADE account from an earlier option exercise or RSU vesting will remain in your account until you sell or otherwise dispose of the shares.

If you have any outstanding vested stock options as of your termination date, you will have up to three months from your termination date to exercise the stock options. After that point, they will expire and be cancelled (provided your option agreement does not specify an earlier expiration date).