The takeaway

Life changes quickly! And when it does, your needs—and your benefits—may change, too. Okta brings together the benefits and resources to make adjusting to change easier and supporting you along the way.

When you need to make benefits changes due to a life event change, go to the Workday app on your Okta Dashboard. A life event change could mean you need to add or delete a dependent from your benefits, enroll in additional coverage, change your name and address, and update your beneficiaries.

Changes after Enrollment

Outside of annual Open Enrollment or a new hire open enrollment period, you can only make changes to your benefits if you experience a life event change. The information in the sections below provides you with more information and actions you should consider for your benefits when it comes to various life event changes.

I’m getting married or starting a domestic partnership

I just had a baby or adopted a child

Support and benefits for getting pregnant, pregnancy and delivery, and adopting a child

I’m getting divorced or ending a domestic partnership

I’m managing an illness or injury

I'm moving

My spouse or domestic partner is changing or lost a job

I need help managing my finances

I need help managing my anxiety and stress