The takeaway

The MetLife Preferred Dentist Program (PDP Plus) covers a full range of dental services—from preventive and basic care to more complicated procedures like crowns and periodontal care.

Dental plan coverage

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Plan featureCoverage highlights
Annual deductible

Individual: $50

Family: $150

Preventive care 
(including diagnostic and preventive procedures, things like checkups, cleanings and X-rays)
You pay $0
Annual maximum benefit for preventive, basic, and major services$3,250 per year
Basic restorative products 
(things like fillings and extractions)
You pay 10% after meeting the deductible
Major restorative proceduresYou pay 40% after meeting the deductible
OrthodontiaNo deductible to meet; You have a $2,500 lifetime benefit maximum

What does it cost?

The premium costs for vision coverage depend on what coverage tier you elect.

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