The takeaway

If you live in Hawaii, Okta offers bundled health care through HMSA, which includes the following:

  • PPO medical
  • Prescription drugs
  • PPO dental 
  • Vision 

Note: Some links on this page go to Okta Box documents which are for Okta employees and can only be accessed with an Okta account.

HMSA new hire packet and Open Enrollment information

Visit the HMSA Health Plan Resources page to get information on:

  • The HMSA Member Brochure (medical, prescription drugs, dental and vision)
  • HMSA “My Account” (online care)
  • Telehealth resources
  • Mail-order prescriptions
  • Travel benefits

Additional resources

Rightway Healthcare

A Rightway Healthcare Navigator can also explain your options during your enrollment period and help you with important medical, prescription, dental and vision decisions and issues as you need healthcare services during the year.

Questions about claims or benefits?

Call HMSA or visit the HMSA Member website:

Phone: 808-948-6079 / 1-800-776-4672 toll-free

View HMSA claims Information.

View HMSA COB Information.