The takeaway

The Okta vision plan, administered by Vision Service Plan (VSP), helps you get great vision care with coverage for routine eye exams, lenses, frames, and contact lenses.

You get the best deal when you use a VSP Signature network provider—including retail chains like Costco, Walmart, Sam’s Club Optical, Visionworks, Cohen’s Fashion Optical, Wisconsin Vision, Heartland Vision, and RxOptical.

With VSP, you won’t need an ID card; at your visit, just tell your doctor’s office you’re a VSP member.

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In-Network coverage highlights

Here’s a quick summary of the plan’s coverage:

Annual deductible

  • None

Exam copay (exam covered every 12 months)

  • You pay $10

Materials copay

  • You pay $25

Allowance for frames (every 12 months)

  • Plan pays $150 – standard frame
  • Plan pays $170 – featured frame
  • Plan pays $80 – Costco frame
  • Plus, you get a 20% discount on the balance after the allowance (doesn’t apply at Costco)

Lenses (every 12 months)

  • You pay $0 for single, bifocal, and standard progressives

Exam and fitting for contacts

  • You pay up to $60

Elective contacts

  • Plan pays $150

Laser vision correction

  • 5% to 15% discount at VSP-contracted facilities

Special online deals 

  • Shop for frames, lenses, and sunglasses through Eyeconic and get exclusive savings as a VSP member.